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Solution of safety wireless monitoring system in tank area

In the daily operation of oil depot, the control room can not understand the real-time on-site manual valve, open the wrong valve caused by mixed oil phenomenon, after the operation of the valve is not tightly closed by roof or suction major issues hold, and the transformation of the electric valve and maintenance costs are very high, at the same time in the tank locations for mining very difficult, the high cost of wiring.

System scheme

In Keaowei launched the level information for safety of wireless monitoring system on wireless intelligent instrument collection tank through the field of the cloth, the switch state, the valve opening and the oil tank space average temperature, pressure valves, receiving and transmitting traffic data, and according to the control instruction to control the electric valve or manual valve ready to turn on. The real-time safety monitoring and wireless network management to the unloading operation, pouring operation, empty cans and the quantity of safety, the safety of storage system. The system mainly includes fuel metering system (including tank metering error correction system), oil depot transceiver operation control system (oil collection operation safety control, safety control, oil storage safety control and alarm system (included) contains a storage tank leak detection system, equipment management system).

The system features: 1) the automatic generation of work flow; 2) automatic check valve opening and closing state; 3) tank high level alarm on / off pump / tank for 4); negative pressure tank alarm on / off valve; 5) storage tank automatic correction of measurement error; 6) automatically check the hair oil tank number; 7) car automatic statistics oil tanker; 8) determine the number of empty oil pipeline.

Products involved:

Wireless adapter

Wireless pressure transmitter

Wireless valve position sensor

Intelligent wireless gateway

The wireless U type pressure gauge

Wireless combustible gas analyzer

Wireless liquid level meter

Application case and field photo

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