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Ultraviolet wireless monitoring system solution

Ultraviolet radiation involves many biochemical processes. When humans produce vitamin D and melanin, excessive exposure can cause highly harmful effects, such as erythema, sunburn and even skin cancer. According to statistics from WHO (WHO), skin cancer is mainly caused by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. In 2000, more than 65000 people were diagnosed as melanoma related deaths worldwide. In addition, for the production of cash crops, especially in greenhouse crops, ultraviolet radiation will have a great effect on the quality and yield of crops.

System scheme
In Keaowei launched its ultraviolet wireless real-time monitoring sensor solutions can be integrated into a variety of application platform, the layout of monitoring network nodes form a distributed ultraviolet measuring point at a set position in advance, such as the annual summer people sea beaches on the coast. The data of the measurement point will be sent to gateway in the area network at regular intervals, and then transmitted to the database of the Internet. Users' control and monitoring platform can use these data to build real-time model of ultraviolet radiation. When the radiation level of a certain area exceeds the alert value, the system can give the user an alarm.
Advantages: 1) can transmit real-time monitoring data to the monitoring personnel; 2) can assist in monitoring personnel to analyze the levels of UV radiation, take timely measures; 3) for city managers can issue timely warning of ultraviolet radiation; 4) for greenhouse crop managers can adjust the time and care to improve strength the growth of crops.

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